What Sets Us Apart

Your child’s earliest educational environment sets the stage for her entire learning career: personal support from day one along with the highest quality curriculum will give her a solid foundation on which to build her intellect, along with the confidence and skills necessary to handle the demands she will face in high school, and beyond.

At Soaring Wings, your child is never “just another number;” she is an important member of our school community: and her growth as a well-rounded human being is a responsibility we take very seriously. With that responsibility in mind we have chosen to practice the Montessori Method in its purest form, and teach our students those values which are fundamental to Montessori education, including: the pursuit of independence and self-mastery, respect for oneself and others, empathy, kindness, a love of work and a passion for life-long learning.

More Reasons to Choose Soaring Wings

Graduates: Our graduates make a smooth transition into the school of their choice and have been accepted by exclusive private schools across the country. They have gone on to colleges and careers around the world. Generally, our graduates take leadership roles in academics, the arts, sports, as entrepreneurs and as humanitarians and stand out because of their contentment, confidence, compassion, ambition, problem solving skills and intrinsic motivation to make a difference in their world.

Assessment: We practice Mastery Learning; a student works on a concept until it is mastered and then moves on. This is equivalent to an “A” level of performance in a traditional school. We ensure the quality and effectiveness of our programs by administering Stanford Achievement Tests in the spring of kindergarten, third, sixth & ninth grades. Our students score well above average on these tests.

Financial Stability: Soaring Wings is a privately owned school run by Montessori visionaries with business experience and is fully funded with commitment fees and tuition. We do not “nickel and dime” parents with other fees or charges. Parents and grandparents are sometimes reluctant to become involved in their child’s private school due to expectations of contributions beyond tuition. This is not the case at Soaring Wings, so feel free to participate to your heart’s content.

Credentials: All employees hold at least a Bachelor’s degree; in addition, all teachers also hold an American Montessori Society teaching credential. All faculty members also participate in 1st aid & CPR classes and attend professional development conferences and workshops throughout the year. Soaring Wings provides ongoing education at every age level.

Quality Assurance: The primary responsibility of our Directors is to ensure the quality of all programs by making random, unannounced observations in classrooms daily and providing constructive feedback to teachers and assistants as required.

Peaceful Living: “Education for Peace” is our slogan. In addition to our rigorous academic curriculum, students learn conflict resolution skills, to share limited resources and to appreciate and respect other cultures and religions. These skills are key to raising a peaceful generation.

Rooted Foundation: There is a growing concern that today’s children spend too much time in front of screens and not enough time interacting with nature. At Soaring Wings our students have plenty of opportunities to get to know the Earth. In so doing, our graduates gain a well-balanced physical, psychological and educational foundation and become good stewards of our planet.

We invite you to learn more about our faculty and programs: then contact us and discover for yourself why Soaring Wings truly is a special place to learn.

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Preparation for Life

Wednesday, January 24th, 2018 by Soaring Wings

The second half of the school year begins fresh and full of promise. There is much to do before May but students have a sense of place within the school community, families give their full support and faculty have each piece in the process well planned.  There will be long peaceful “work periods” (class time…

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