My wife and I enrolled our son Bryce at Soaring Wings when he was only 3 ½. I can honestly say now that he’s finishing his first year at one of the great small liberal arts colleges in the country that the interpersonal skills and desire to explore and learn that Soaring Wings gave him were invaluable to his success. As parents, we could not be more pleased, and hope that future generations of parents in the Park City area can have the same opportunities for their children at Soaring Wings.
Myles Rademan, Director of Park City Public Affairs

Soaring Wings provided a wonderful experience for us. Our children were taught responsibility, how to cooperate with and respect other people as well as being challenged academically.
Lena Terry, Pediatric MD

Some of the things I have appreciated about Soaring Wings include; healthy lunches in a pleasant atmosphere, non-judgmental teachers, lessons of Shakespeare and wildlife, the sense of community, a general love of life and adventure, individual expression that does not threaten the group but enhances it. Soaring Wings is an oasis for the child who craves to learn. It is a place where knowledge is not the appetizer doled out at the teacher’s pace, but the dessert that never ends and can be eaten all day every day.
Sally Cannon Brown, Newswoman

Going to school at Soaring Wings my friends and I were able to learn about many different subjects in many different ways. We became experts on the rain forest and how to build pyramids. We acted out Shakespeare, planted trees on the wetland and shelved books in the library. We learned about each other, about life and it was fun.
Leith Strachan, Class of 1996

I’m not worried about my daughter working her way through college. I’m worried that she’ll be motivated to go to college. I’d rather pay tuition now and know that she is learning to love learning.
Mark Whisker, Parent

My family and I love Soaring Wings because children are encouraged to be independent which develops confidence and self-esteem; they are also allowed the freedom to learn at their own pace. The continuity of having the same group of children together each morning and over time is so wonderful. I watched Anna and Laura learn from and look up to the older children in their first year of the Early Childhood class, become more confident the second year when they were ‘in the middle’, and then become the leaders of the class their final ‘kindergarten’ year.
Elizabeth Jacobsen, Parent

I feel like I learn more and have closer friendships at Soaring Wings than in public school.
Gage Rogers, Class of 2002

I like all of the materials that we can work with at Soaring Wings. I like that the music and dance teachers come to our class and that we go on field trips every Friday.
Hannah Hall, Class of 2004

All three of our girls attended Soaring Wings Montessori because we realize how important it is to keep them in a challenging and nurturing environment for as long as possible. The teachers at Soaring Wings have exceeded our expectations in discovering each of our child’s needs and capabilities. They have created individual curriculums that are suited specifically for each child encouraging them to move forward at their own pace, a benefit we did not find in the public school system. Our kids have thrived intellectually and emotionally in this peaceful environment.
Jon-Eric and Amanda Greene, Parents

I like Soaring Wings because I like being challenged. There are not as many rules here as at other schools. The teachers trust us.
Katy Greene, Class of 2005

Soaring Wings Montessori School has contributed greatly toward our daughter’s personal, social and intellectual development. We value the global awareness our four-year-old daughter has gained through the educational programs at Soaring Wings which includes her concern for the environment and efforts to recycle, her curiosity about, interest in and respect for other cultures, and her learned ability to resolve conflict through peaceful, respectful and nonviolent methods. The latter factor stands out as perhaps one of the most important tools she can gain through an educational program, and will have broad application throughout her life.
Julia Pettit, Attorney at Law

The experience we’ve had at Soaring Wings has been unequaled. We couldn’t be more impressed.
Lisa and Paul Pilzer, Parents

I’ve been told to come see your school. I’ve heard that your toddler program, in particular, is “the best there is”.
Dave, Hello Wood Products, Tennessee

Thanks so very much for your involvement, your inspiration and nurturing students who are willing to take care of our spot on this earth.
Insa Riepen, Executive Director, Recycle Utah

We’ve loved our experience these past five years at Soaring Wings. The children have just blossomed in the Montessori environment.
Mary Jacquin, Parent

Because of my Montessori background, I am able to see things from another’s point of view. I’m open-minded, optimistic, and organized. I set goals, and I meet them. I complete my work cycle. I see myself as a part of a harmonious whole, each doing our very best work to improve our world.
Lina Singleton, SWMS Graduate and Campus Director Reprinted from Tomorrow’s Child Magazine, Jan 2010

We’ve completely loved the experience that Max, Will and Morgan have had at Soaring Wings and have felt the teachers have been off the charts.
Ken Jacquin, Parent

Opening the double doors into SWMS means walking into a safe and secure environment, and walking out with a full and satisfied mind and soul. My kids are more confident today that they were before enrollment. The practical life and sensorial learning is furthering the evolution of our resourceful, sensitive and independent children….The preparation the teachers put into the classroom is very unique. Every detail is thoughtful and accounted for. I feel very blessed to have the opportunity so send our children to Soaring Wings.
Rachel McHenry, Parent

After touring a prominent private school and having seen several options, Jan Smith remarked to her husband, “It’s a great facility.” Doug responded, “That’s like walking into a museum and saying, ‘Nice frames’.” I wish everyone in Park City realized what a jewel Soaring Wings is.
Jan Smith, Parent

My 6th grader who is in advanced math at Rowland Hall still uses probability math concepts she learned at Soaring wings in the third grade.When my oldest child started Rowland Hall in the fifth grade, her Soaring Wings education until the third grade was so solid that she fit in with no trouble despite basically wasting the entire fourth grade year learning nothing at School ‘X’.
Roxane Googin, Parent

These testimonials represent just a sampling of the kinds of enthusiasm and appreciation that are regularly shown to Soaring Wings. We invite you to contact us today for a personal tour and discover yourself why so many parents and graduates love us. We look forward to meeting you!

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