Health & Safety

Many of us chose Park City as our home due to the security of living in a small town. Our school was designed and constructed as a school with health and safety in mind. The health & safety of your child is our most important responsibility at Soaring Wings. This brief outline provides an overview of the procedures we follow to ensure the health and safety of our students.

School grounds

The week before school starts in August the entire staff cleans, repairs and inspects every square centimeter of the school grounds for sanitation and safety. During the school year, the faculty arrives well before the start of school each day to survey the grounds, common areas and classrooms to ensure that everything is as it should be before the arrival of the children. Throughout the day the staff checks and rechecks for potential hazards.

Staff training

All of our staff undergoes a thorough background and criminal history check, as well as fingerprinting before beginning work at Soaring Wings. Fitness for duty, acuity of judgment, ability to act quickly and understanding of safety procedures are some of the qualities required of our entire staff. In addition, all staff members recertify in CPR/First Aid on a regular basis. Throughout the school year child safety is the number one priority of the staff.

Student training

The first weeks of school are spent practicing health and safety rules in class. On the first day of school all Early Childhood, Elementary and Middle School students practice whistle drills and walking the outdoor boundaries. These exercises are repeated throughout the school year along with periodic fire, earthquake and lock down drills.

Daily security check

Every morning by 9:00 am the entire campus has been inspected for potential hazards. At 9:15 am all doors and gates are closed and locked.

Video surveillance

The parking lot, playground and all common areas of the building are under 24 hour video surveillance.

File confidentiality

Only staff members have access to student records.


Students are only released to those authorized by the parent.


Rotating staff members are stationed at the doors and gates as greeters each morning to welcome students and get to know the parents and others authorized to be on campus and to make sure all students get to classes safely.


All students must say good-bye to their teacher when leaving as an act of etiquette as well as to let the teacher know they are safely in the care of an authorized adult.


The faculty periodically reviews photos of local child sex offenders, as well as recalls and other safety issues in the news. There are over 100 pairs of eyes looking out for danger each day in school, and the students are encouraged to observe and point out small details that adults may overlook.

Lock down

Just as we rehearse fire and earthquake drills so do we have a plan in place for dealing with outside threats.

Health & Safety

The health and safety of your child is our most important responsibility. Please refer to our Health & Safety Handbook for details.

International Montessori Council (IMC)

The IMC is a worldwide umbrella organization of Montessori schools. Soaring Wings is a member and follows the IMC Code of Ethics and Principles of Good Practice. Click on the IMC logo for more information.



Utah Montessori Council (UMC)

The UMC is a professional association of Utah Montessori schools and holds an annual workshop and conference focusing on professional development. The UMC also administers annual Health, Safety and Green school certification programs. Click on the UMC logo for more information.


The Utah Montessori Council administers the following certifications annually. Click on the logo to see a list of criteria our school is required to meet in order to receive that certification.

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