Academic Performance

The graph below illustrates academic performance of Park City School District (PCSD) K & 1st grade students as well as that of Soaring Wings students. The data is based upon our SAT scores, our administrators’ discussions with current and past PCSD superintendents, observations of PCSD K & 1st grade classes and feedback from parents of our alumni.

Academic Performance

Kindergarten students entering PCSD have a wide range of academic abilities and this presents a monumental challenge for K teachers. The K teacher’s primary objective is to make certain that all of their students develop basic reading, writing and math skills by the end of their Kindergarten year. They are very successful at achieving this goal but, in the process, the more advanced students are not sufficiently challenged and lose some of their skills.

By the time students enter 1st grade the academic gap is narrower and the teacher is better able to keep all students challenged and progressing onward and upward.

Academic Performance With Measurable Results

As a group, Soaring Wings students score very high on Stanford Achievement Tests (SATs) and other recognized academic performance measures. This would not be possible if we allowed our Early Childhood students to attend two or three days per week. We have found that two- and three-day Early Childhood programs are not academically sound; if you want your child to be prepared for our Elementary program or enter first grade at the top of his/her class, s/he must attend our Early Childhood program for at least four days per week.

To learn more about our students’ academic performance, you are welcome to view recent SAT scores by downloading the PDFs below or contact us today: we look forward to hearing from you!

SAT Summary

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