Seasons of Change

Ahh, the concept of ‘spring forward’ – who decided that this would be a good idea?  Well, they must not have had small children.  I had read about how you should prepare for daylight savings by making your child’s bedtime 15-minutes earlier every night the week before.  Yeah, right – as if that would really happen.  We did try, though, but even OUR internal clocks were protesting.  So we ended up going to bed later than usual (according to the clock) Sunday night … and waking up tired and confused Monday morning.

Call it the time change, or call it the change in seasons – whatever it is has my 2-year-old daughter going through a range of emotions!  It is hard to keep up with her ‘drama’ as we call it – but the part that keeps me sane is when I can get down on her level, look in to her eyes, and realize that she has no intention of frustrating ME – she is simple asking me for help with HER frustration.  The bouts of crying and pulling on my clothes are her way of saying, “Hey, mommy – I need you to help me figure out what is going on here!”

When I stop, take a few breaths, and go inward to my ‘mothering instincts’ – I always know that the reason she is acting this way is because she knows no other way to get my attention at the moment.  By stopping what I am doing to help her understand that her normal routine is changing – and by simply taking a few minutes out of our usual rushed morning to sit with her in my lap, I am teaching her a valuable life lesson.  I am teaching her how to manage change, stress and frustration – what a responsibility!

So as the seasons change, the days become longer, and springtime approaches, remember to include the little people in your daily to-do lists.  Of course the normal bedtime routine remains the same, but what else can you make time for in your busy life?  Can you take your little person on a lunch date once a week – just the two of you, without any technology?  Would it be possible to carve out 5-minutes every morning for ‘snuggle time’?  If you don’t have your own little person, could you find one that you are close with that may need a bit of extra love?

Springing forward is an exciting time – remember to look at it through the eyes of a child, it really will help you understand their point of view.

Lina Singleton, BS AMS
School Director & Holistic Health Coach
Soaring Wings International Montessori School
Park City, Utah USA

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