Commitment Fee & Tuition

Call for more information about our tuition and financial assistance.


Annual Commitment Fee: $500

This fee is required to reserve your child’s space and is nonrefundable. We advise you to read the information carefully, observe a class and meet with a teacher before paying this fee. We want you to be certain that our school is appropriate for you and your child. This fee is carried forward for those parents who preregister before the child is ready to start school. After the child starts this fee must be paid annually. If your child starts after January 1st, a portion of this fee will be credited back to your account. The Commitment Fee is separate from tuition.

Annual Tuition

Tuition may be paid as a lump sum in advance or as twelve monthly installments due May 30th through April 30th. If the monthly payment plan is selected, a 10% convenience fee will be added to your tuition. If your child starts after the beginning of the school year, tuition will be adjusted accordingly. Tuition is paid in addition to the Commitment Fee.

Program Commitment Fee
Due with Enrollment Packet

Due in addition to
Commitment Fee
Breakfast Club
7:45A dropoff
Prenatal – 18 mos
8:30A – 11:30A
Friday N/A TBA N/A
Birth - 18 mos
8:30A - 11:30A
Monday - Thursday $500 $8,900 N/A
Monday - Friday $500 $9,900 N/A
Infant Plus
Birth - 18 mos
8:30A - 3:00P
Monday - Thursday $500 $13,900 N/A
Monday - Friday $500 $14,900 N/A
18 mos – 3 yrs
8:30A – 11:30A
Monday – Thursday $500 $8,900 $1600
Monday – Friday $500 $9,900 $2000
Toddler Plus
18 mos – 3 yrs
8:30A – 3:00P
Monday – Thursday $500 $13,900 $1600
Monday – Friday $500 $14,900 $2000
Early Childhood
3 – 6 yrs
8:45A – 11:45A
Monday – Thursday $500 $6,900 $1600
Monday – Friday $500 $7,900 $2000
Early Childhood Plus
3 – 6 yrs
8:45A – 2:45P
Monday – Thursday $500 $8,900 $1600
Monday – Friday $500 $9,900 $2000
Lower Elementary
1st - 3rd grades
8:30A – 3:00P
Activity Fee $350/year
Monday – Friday $500 $12,900 $2000
Upper Elementary
4th - 6th grades
8:30A – 3:00P
Activity Fee $450/year
Monday – Friday $500 $14,900 2000

Financial Assistance may be available.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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